The 10 Reasons That Yost Became Toast

10. Eric Gagne

While I think that CoCo was far to greedy for his own good, Gagne was not a very good substitute.  In fact Gagne has prooved to be terrible.  Not that Neddy made Gagne pitch terrible, but Ned’s continued use of him in important situations shows he can’t run a bullpen.


9. Prince Fielder

Prince hit 50 home runs last year.  This year he stopped eating meat and stopped hitting period.  He’s looking at a 40% drop in dingers and almost as big a drop in BA points.  Yet, Fielder never gets a day off and Neddy always chalked it up to it being a “funny game.”  How funny is it now Ned?


8. Poor bullpen management

Kind of hit on that already in #10, but Gagne deserved his very own slot.  Ned’s decisions from the bullpen have cost us many more games than just Gagne has blown.


7. Stupid Loyalty

Rickie Weeks.  Bill Hall.  Need I say more?


6. Stupid Line-ups

Rickie Weeks.  Bill Hall.  Need I say more?


5. No Personal or Player Accountability

Rickie Weeks.  Bill Hall.  Need I say more?

Ok, I will.

No one is ever to blame with Ned.  It’s always a bad pitch, or a bad swing, or a bad day, or a bad hop.  Face it, enough “bad” situations attributed to the same guys everyday, maybe that means the player is just bad.


4. Playing Kendall EVERY SINGLE DAY

I like Jason Kendall, but come on.  You can’t justify his playing time when Mike Rivera does more than everything he has been asked.  The guy rakes every 10th game.  How is that even possible?  Kendall wanting to play everyday is admirable, but there’s a reason even Posada, and Johnny Bench got the normal amount of off time.


3. Pitching Platoon

Has anyone ever heard of what Uncle Neddy did with Bush and McClung?  Home and away starting pitchers?


2. #19

Hall of Famer Robin Yount was Ned Yost’s bench coach in 2006.  He left last year to “spend more time with his family.”  I don’t buy it.  Robin Yount is a smart guy who played the game right and couldn’t sit and watch Ned do what he did to the Brewers.  All of the sudden Yost is gone and Yount returns?  Funny how that worked out.


1. Jim Skaalen

The Brewers haven’t been able to “Situation” hit since 2004, (when we saw the first patented Ned Yost second half collapse).

I blame the hitting coach first and foremost.

Coach is the key word there.  The Brewers aren’t coached to hit homeruns.  Coaching involves teaching the Brewers what they do wrong and working on poor approaches.  They are getting progressively worse at hitting with runners on and strike out more than any team I’ve ever seen.  What does Jim Skaalen really do?


All Hail King Dale!!!

Well, Happy Late Birthday to me.

Ned Yost was fired today.  I’m guessing Doug Melvin’s decision was based ENTIRELY on this blog.  In fact, unless he says specifically that THIS blog had nothing to do with the decision, I will have to assume that I’m correct.

This is our most desperate hour, help us Dale Sveum, you’re our only hope!

Can We PLEASE Fire Ned Now?

How many September collapsi must we endure?

Do you realize that the Brewers are an extra inning victory and a 1-0 Sheets win (over NL worst Padres at home) from trailing the Wild Card race that 2 weeks ago we had a 6 game lead in?

Honestly I like comparing Ned Yost to his mentor Bobby Cox.

Cox “lead” the Braves to like 15,000 consecutive division titles.  And after ALL those playoff appearances, he has 1 ring.  So Bobby can manage his butt off for 6 months and chokes in October.  Little Neddy can sort of manage for 3 to 5 months when his talented teams can no longer endure his awful decisions and play down to their skipper’s level.

Will choking this year (finally) be enough for the Yost faithful?

What More Does A Guy Have To Do?

Although the starting lineups for tonight’s game in Colorado have yet to be revealed, I’m going assume the worst…

Why on Earth is Mike Cameron starting ahead of Gabe Kapler?  Ever?

Gabe Kapler has been nothing but brilliant on basically every game he’s played in this year.  No easy feat considering that includes MANY  single AB pinch hit appearances.  My quasi-man crush on Gabe goes back to before Mike Cameron finished his suspension.  It was boggling even then when Ned decided to give Gabe Gross more appearances just because he was lefthanded.  That was typical Mr. “Match-ups”.  You’d get a quote like, “Well, lefties hit better off of so-and-so, even though Gross is hitting under .100.”  One flippin’ hundred!  Kapler finally got the attention of his manager when after limited playing time was leading the team in dingers.  Unfortuneately his hustle got him injured in BP right after he got the nod for the fill-in role.

Now, again, Gabe is stuck in the backseat while a guy who’s struck out 17 times in his last 26 at bats continually starts ahead of him.

Gabe Kapler should be starting 5 games a week, while Cameron gets to pinch hit and start on Sunday afternoon games.

Only I can be mad about a 7-1 homestand

First off, what a home stand!  Since the beating we took in Boston, the Brewers haven’t lost a series in the last 5, and have clawed back over .500

Ok, now that the praise is out of the way, there are a few things that have been bothering me…

Pumping up of the .200 Club by Brian Anderson last night

  • “What a great day for Rickie, 1-3 with a sacrafice fly.”
  • “That must feel good for Billy getting a hit off a rightie.”
  • “Cameron is 0-3 with 2 strikeouts, but he drew a key walk.”

Things must be going pretty lousy when these are the accolades you’re bestowing upon hitters in important places in your lineup.  First off, Weeks is still terrible.  He hasn’t walked 1 time in the last 10 games and only a few hits in the last 3 games have kept his average above .200.  We’ve won 8 of 9, but it sure hasn’t been because of our “Table Setter.”  Cameron has been even worse.  He’s struck out 17 times in the last 7 games.  17!  That is rediculous.  Boy, good thing we signed him instead of keeping someone who’s strikeout prone like Geoff Jenkins.

Bill Hall

Where to begin?  When you can’t hit your weight against the majority of the pitchers in the League, you probably shouldn’t be in aforementioned League.  But to be pissed about it when the team FINALLY does something about it in an attempt to actually win baseball games is unspeakable.  Everyone talks about what a wonderful guy Bill Hall is and how great a teammate he is, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve never met the man, but I have to disagree.  He’s always seemed to me like a guy with a bad attitude who’s more concerned about the numbers on the back of his baseball card than the numbers in the standings.  Case in point is what he let his agent say yesterday, and a couple of years ago when he struck out and showed up the umpire and threw a temper tantrum like a little baby.  (And it’s sure a good thing he hits lefties so good, 0-3 with 2 Ks yesterday.)

Ad Nausea: The Top 5 Worst Commercials on FSN

I love that the Brewers are televised almost daily on FSN.  I grew up watching Jim Pashke and Mike Hegan broadcast away games only on Super 18, so what we have now is truly a blessing.

However, everything good comes with a price.  Ours is TERRIBLE advertising.  And not only are the ads terrible, they are repeated on an almost inning by inning basis due to the multitude of breaks inherant to the game of baseball.  So what was once mildly irritating becomes almost vomit inducing after 9 innings.  (And it gets even worse with the large amount of extra inning affairs the Brewers have been involved in this season.)

So without further ado…

5. The Yogu Berra AFLAC commercial

We’ve been sitting through this stinker for at least three seasons now.  It’s time to let this one die.  How many haircuts does Yogi need?  Strangley only the last Yogi comment doesn’t make sense, yet the other patrons and barber shop staff seem completely confused throughout.  Who actually goes to get a haircut and is in the chair for so long that they need to read the paper?

4. Jerry Garcia’s Tailgate Tips

Firstly there is only 1 Piggly Wiggly within like a 75 mile radius of Miller Park, so their sponsership seems mostly in vain anyway.  Secondly, who is really interested in gourmet food while sitting in a parking lot getting hammered before a ballgame? Burgers and Brats are plenty good enough for me.  Thirdly, my cousin went to high school with Jerry and says he was goofy.  And finally, the Grateful Dead is a terrible band.

3. Klement’s Family commercial

Last year’s Klement’s ad with the song for the Racing Sausages was good.  It had a catchy beat, it good stuck in your head, and revealed at long last that the Polich Sausage’s name is Stosh.  (Which is basically the Polich equivilant to Stanley.)  But this year, they went too far.  They kept last year’s beat and made it into some strange obese family Christmas ad.  How many of you have ever sat down to a plate of brats when you’re just about to open up your presents on Christmas morning?  Even stranger than the Christmas brats, is the last shot where 3 people are sitting around a coffee table that holds a 10 pound sub sandwich.  How are three people supposed to eat that thing?  And why is it sitting on a coffee table?  Nothing says family togetherness like eating a huge sub sitting on the floor in front of the TV.

2. Call Tyrone

What John Paul’s Pontiac thinking when they let this one through?  This ad is actually more terrifying than terrible.  It haunts my dreams even when I’m awake.  What are they trying to accomplish with this?  It seems to be targeting the demographic who watch Pimp My Ride, but who would bother “pimping” a used Pontiac?

1. Wear Your Seatbelt

Poor Ray, he thinks he just got out of a ticket for failing to use his blinker because he knows the cop, when all of the sudden… BAM!  He gets slapped with a seatbelt violation.  Man, that sure will make going to Friday’s game awkward.  Seeing this commercial 20+ times during the course of a ballgame, (each half inning plus pitching changes), makes me want to jump in my car and drive past police stations without my seatbelt on just to prove that there is no HUGE coast to coast crackdown.  How much are my registration fees going up so the DOT can run this **** of a commercial 20 times per game?